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Anastasia Button: Author of ‘#NewJobNewLife’

“Millennials” – a term used to describe those born between 1980 and 2000. The next generation of our world have been labelled as lazy, narcissistic and undetermined. However, Anastasia Button’s ‘#NewJobNewLife’, highlights the importance of the millennial generation as well as providing a guideline of how these people can make the most of the unique opportunities they have been given.

Being raised in a world which, thanks to technology, has the ability to change in an instant, can be a daunting prospect. Anastasia’s tips on being in touch with one’s authentic self, asking ‘why?’, networking and finding a mentor aim to aid those who are struggling in this globalised world. Throughout her journey of becoming a published author, Anastasia shares with us the successes she has experienced, her challenges, and the joy in finding her life’s purpose. #NewJobNewLife is well worth a read for any millennial who is struggling with finding their purpose or is after a more fulfilled life.

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Chris J Reed

Chris J Reed: ‘LinkedIn Mastery for Entrepreneurs’

Chris J Reed is basically the world’s best LinkedIn guy. His book is the #1 book on Amazon out of the 55,000 books about LinkedIn, he has a NASDAQ-listed company that focuses on making your LinkedIn effective as a personal branding tool, his profile is the #1 profile in Australia and Singapore, he’s been an official LinkedIn Power Profile for five years running, and I’m pretty sure he knows everything there is to know about LinkedIn!

Our conversation starts with the absolute basics of ‘what is LinkedIn?’, and we gradually progress through how you can improve every element of your own profile, and finish talking about some of the premium services LinkedIn offers that most people aren’t making the most of. Type ‘Chris J Reed’ into LinkedIn or Google and you’ll see his profile with almost 60,000 connections.

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Aquiles Tan: Author of ‘My Second Chance’

Aquiles D Tan Jnr takes us on his incredible personal journey of self-discovery and triumph on his text ‘My Second Chance’. After suffering through an accident, which could occur to anyone, Aquiles was lucky to be alive. Then, as luck would have it, a massive five surgeries were needed to put Aquiles on the road to recovery to lead a normal life. Though testing at times, his faith, strength and determination saw him through his demons and lead him to pen his journey. Now, we are able to feel the pain and suffering of Aquiles’ journey first hand through his own words. “My Second Chance” is an inspiring story of survival and a man’s faith in his God even in the worst of times.

Aquiles talks about the bootcamp he went to that led to him getting his book published. If you want to check out that bootcamp, which is run all over the world, heres a link:

Connie Larkin

Connie Larkin: Author of ‘You asshole, YOU caused it!’

Connie Larkin’s incredibly raw non-fiction text “You, asshole, YOU caused it!” highlights the potential inside everyone and to help them realise their dreams, ambitions and self-worth. Through recounting personal events, Larkin describes how her life was radically evolved from a sense of having life pass by, to truly living and creating a difference in the world. Evolving from a person who was merely ‘asleep’, to ‘waking up’ and discovering her true potentional and fierce determination to make a difference in the world. Throughout the text, the different stories and quotes shared by Larkin inspire readers to rethink their own life choices and direction. By raising questions like: Am I really achieving all that I want in life or am I simply here? What are my life goals and dreams? Am I on my way to achieving them?, Larkin showcases that there are answers for everyone. Through her education and involvement in Est Training (now recognised as Landmark), Larkin was able to redefine herself and her life. What is truly inspiring is how Larkin realises that her life’s dreams were always inside her, it just took a spark to ignite them. Connie Larkin’s “You, asshole, YOU caused it!” is the empowerment that so many people need in order to find their true self-value and meaning in their life journey.

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Matthew Michalewicz: Author of ‘Life in Half A Second’ and ‘Winning Credibility’

The book lays out the 5 steps to achieve success before it’s too late: Clarity, Desire, Belief, Knowledge and Action. Matthew has shared some freebies with us: the first two chapters of his book are available here, and he has a free video series outlining the 5 steps at

Matthew started his first business when he was 18. He became a certified Personal Trainer as a way to make money to pay for his college tuition. Since then, he’s gone on to build and sell three businesses. Most recently, he sold SolveIT Software for 8 figures. He’s currently building his newest company, Complexica, which harnesses Big Data and Artificial Intelligence to improve the effectiveness of salespeople. He hopes to one day float this company on the stock exchange.

This was an incredible conversation. Matthew talked about his path to success and some of his life’s journey so far, as well as some of his favourite books and the best investment he ever made.

You can grab a copy of his book Life in Half A Second here:

Timber Hawkeye

Timber Hawkeye: Author of ‘Buddhist Boot Camp’ and ‘Faithfully Religionless’

Timber was working in corporate America until he realised it wasn’t the life he was meant to be living. Instead of getting caught up in the never-ending desire for more and more material possessions, Timber sold virtually everything he owned and moved to an island. He only had to work part time because all of the activities he enjoyed were free. Timber found Buddhism and went full-Zen-monk. He no longer wears his maroon robes, but he still teaches and shares Buddhist principles that everyone can use to enhance their lives.

I learned a lot from this conversation and hope you do too. This is adapted from an episode of the What You Will Learn podcast with my co-host Adam Jones.

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Introducing the Publish A Book podcast!

Welcome to the Publish A Book podcast! This is a very short episode to introduce you to the show and let you know what you can expect. We’re going to be speaking with authors from around the world to find out what it was like to publish a book. Some of these authors will be know to you, some will have sold millions of copies, some will have used their book to build a business, and some will be every day people who were able to write a book.

If you’re an aspiring author, hopefully hearing from these people will help you on your journey and remind you that it’s possible. If you haven’t thought about writing a book before, hopefully this might make you!

Aside from finding out a little about their book, I want to learn from the authors about the process of creating their book. I want to know what was hard, and what was easy. I want to know what worked, and what didn’t. I want to know what popped up that was unexpected. Did it take longer than they had thought? Was it easier than they’d imagined? What are their tips of aspiring authors?

If you’ve written a book, please get in touch with me! If you’re hoping to write a book, also get in touch and I might be able to give you a few tips! or