Dr Rick Brinkman: ‘Dealing with Meetings You Can’t Stand’

Dr Rick has just launched a brand new book – ‘Dealing with Meetings You Can’t Stand’. If you’ve ever sat in a meeting, you KNOW that there’s something wrong with the system. Dr Rick provides the solution. His ‘Meeting Jet’ method addresses the issues with Planning, Process, People and Time and presents a new way to enable you to meet less and do more. Hooray!

Grab a copy here: http://amzn.to/2rDCuyX

If you’re after some context on Dr Rick’s background, check out the interview at http://whatyouwilllearn.com/episode/authorinterview/drrickbrinkman/, and listen to a summary of his book Dealing With People You Can’t Stand at http://whatyouwilllearn.com/episode/dealingwithpeopleyoucantstand/.

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