David Crystal OBE

I usually put the title of the author’s book in the name of the episode, but David has so many books it would be unfair to pick just one or two! David Crystal is widely regarded as the world’s leading Linguist. He studies what he calls the ‘science of language’, he’s taught in the world of academia, and he’s published over 120 books.

Check out David’s work here: http://www.davidcrystal.com

WARNING: We delve into one of David books, “The Story of English in 100 words”. This is a book where David selected 100 words that best encapsulated the different aspects of the English language and how it came about. One of those sections was ‘taboo’ words to ‘rude words’. David suggests (and I agree) that the words themselves are in now way offensive. The string of letters is meaningless, but the context in which they are used can be hurtful. That said, there are some ‘rude words’ in this episode so listener discretion is advised.

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