Suzanne Miles: Author of ‘Fork It’

Suzanne Miles’s ‘Fork It‘ takes you on a journey of health through the transition to a vegan and raw diet. Drawing on her own personal experiences with her own transformation, Fork It guides people to transform their eating habits, health, lifestyles, and in conclusion, life. Suzanne spoke with us to discuss her own journey and how this lifestyle has helped her to live an extraordinary life in the past six years since her transformation. If you are interested in health, a more fulfilled life, or simply want to know more about a vegan and raw diet, then Suzanne Mile’s Fork It has the answers for you.

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Gwendolen Wilder: ‘It’s OK To Tell My Story’

Gwendolen Wilder is a business strategist and motivational constant, and is the author of  ‘It’s OK To Tell My Story’. This book begun as a journal as part of her personal healing process. Gwendolen had built a successful company, but a big $5m deal with the government market the “beginning of the end” of her relationship. Her partner was extremely jealous of her success, and this power struggle descended to Gwendolen becoming a victim of domestic violence. She got through this “hot ass mess” and now she’s telling her story to help others get through their own hot ass mess. She is currently working on her second boo, ‘Managing Domestic Violence in the Workplace’.

Head to her website,, for a free author masterclass and a massive discount on her Business Sales Mastery program.

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Anastasia Button: Author of ‘#NewJobNewLife’

“Millennials” – a term used to describe those born between 1980 and 2000. The next generation of our world have been labelled as lazy, narcissistic and undetermined. However, Anastasia Button’s ‘#NewJobNewLife’, highlights the importance of the millennial generation as well as providing a guideline of how these people can make the most of the unique opportunities they have been given.

Being raised in a world which, thanks to technology, has the ability to change in an instant, can be a daunting prospect. Anastasia’s tips on being in touch with one’s authentic self, asking ‘why?’, networking and finding a mentor aim to aid those who are struggling in this globalised world. Throughout her journey of becoming a published author, Anastasia shares with us the successes she has experienced, her challenges, and the joy in finding her life’s purpose. #NewJobNewLife is well worth a read for any millennial who is struggling with finding their purpose or is after a more fulfilled life.

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