Chris J Reed

Chris J Reed: ‘LinkedIn Mastery for Entrepreneurs’

Chris J Reed is basically the world’s best LinkedIn guy. His book is the #1 book on Amazon out of the 55,000 books about LinkedIn, he has a NASDAQ-listed company that focuses on making your LinkedIn effective as a personal branding tool, his profile is the #1 profile in Australia and Singapore, he’s been an official LinkedIn Power Profile for five years running, and I’m pretty sure he knows everything there is to know about LinkedIn!

Our conversation starts with the absolute basics of ‘what is LinkedIn?’, and we gradually progress through how you can improve every element of your own profile, and finish talking about some of the premium services LinkedIn offers that most people aren’t making the most of. Type ‘Chris J Reed’ into LinkedIn or Google and you’ll see his profile with almost 60,000 connections.

Grab a copy of his book here:


Aquiles Tan: Author of ‘My Second Chance’

Aquiles D Tan Jnr takes us on his incredible personal journey of self-discovery and triumph on his text ‘My Second Chance’. After suffering through an accident, which could occur to anyone, Aquiles was lucky to be alive. Then, as luck would have it, a massive five surgeries were needed to put Aquiles on the road to recovery to lead a normal life. Though testing at times, his faith, strength and determination saw him through his demons and lead him to pen his journey. Now, we are able to feel the pain and suffering of Aquiles’ journey first hand through his own words. “My Second Chance” is an inspiring story of survival and a man’s faith in his God even in the worst of times.

Aquiles talks about the bootcamp he went to that led to him getting his book published. If you want to check out that bootcamp, which is run all over the world, heres a link: