David Crystal OBE

I usually put the title of the author’s book in the name of the episode, but David has so many books it would be unfair to pick just one or two! David Crystal is widely regarded as the world’s leading Linguist. He studies what he calls the ‘science of language’, he’s taught in the world of academia, and he’s published over 120 books.

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WARNING: We delve into one of David books, “The Story of English in 100 words”. This is a book where David selected 100 words that best encapsulated the different aspects of the English language and how it came about. One of those sections was ‘taboo’ words to ‘rude words’. David suggests (and I agree) that the words themselves are in now way offensive. The string of letters is meaningless, but the context in which they are used can be hurtful. That said, there are some ‘rude words’ in this episode so listener discretion is advised.


Sten Morgan: ‘7 Mindset of Success’

Sten Morgan is the author of the brand new book, ‘t Mindset of Success’. In the book, and in our interview, Sten says that most people are doing largely the same work and the same day-to-day activity, but some achieve success while others don’t. This book tried to identify the gaps and enable you to achieve rapid, top-level success. In this interview, Sten also talks about the process of ‘Hybrid Publishing’ – not self-publishing, not a traditional publisher, but half way in between.

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Dr Brinkman at Avera

Dr Rick Brinkman: ‘Dealing with Meetings You Can’t Stand’

Dr Rick has just launched a brand new book – ‘Dealing with Meetings You Can’t Stand’. If you’ve ever sat in a meeting, you KNOW that there’s something wrong with the system. Dr Rick provides the solution. His ‘Meeting Jet’ method addresses the issues with Planning, Process, People and Time and presents a new way to enable you to meet less and do more. Hooray!

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If you’re after some context on Dr Rick’s background, check out the interview at, and listen to a summary of his book Dealing With People You Can’t Stand at


The Power of a Book – with Mark Hardcastle

This episode is a little different. Tucked away at the end of a long conversation, Mark Hardcastle told this story about the power of his book. In case you didn’t get that far, I wanted to highlight this section.

Mark tells the story of how a book can impact people. If you’ve ever thought about writing a book, hopefully this tips you over the edge. If you change just one person’s life for the better, you’ve done a very good thing.


Mark Hardcastle: Author of ‘The Symphony of Your Life’

Mark Hardcastle is the author of the book ‘The Symphony of Your Life: Restoring Harmony When Your World is Out Of Tune’. In this conversation, Mark talks about his book and the reason behind creating his book, as well as the process of writing a book and his advice for aspiring authors. This is a great conversation that I strongly urge you listen to, but if you don’t have the time to hear to full thing, do yourself a favour and at least listen from about 45:30 onwards – Mark tells a moving story of the power of a book that should inspire you to stop THINKING about writing your own book and start WRITING your own book.

You can find more about Mark and his book here:

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Mark’s website –

Mark’s blog –


Monica Miller: ‘Write Your Book in No Time’

If you’ve ever thought about writing a book, your next thought was probably ‘but I don’t have time’. It’s true, it takes a lot of time to publish a book, so if you really want to get it done, you need to find time (or better yet, make time!).
Monica Miller’s book “Write Your Book in No Time” gives practical strategies for writing your book and creating a schedule that works for you. She also has an email course cal ‘The Write Time’ that you can access for free at
You can find more about Monica at her website and social media:


Mia Freedman

Mia Freedman: ‘Work Strife Balance’

Writer, broadcaster, digital empire builder, podcast host, former editor and TV executive, co-founder of Mamamia and all-round Aussie legend Mia Freedman chats with us about her new book ‘Work Strife Balance‘.

Fresh from her media tour, Mia talks about her book and her work. Work Strife Balance is described by the author as the book she wished she read in her 20s, 30s and 40s. Encouraged by her husband to put pen to paper, Mia delivers a witty, fresh and, above all else, an honest insight into the life she lives.

Mia Freedman gives us a fantastic insight into the world of media and shares some fantastic tips on how aspiring writers can pave their own career.


Suzanne Miles: Author of ‘Fork It’

Suzanne Miles’s ‘Fork It‘ takes you on a journey of health through the transition to a vegan and raw diet. Drawing on her own personal experiences with her own transformation, Fork It guides people to transform their eating habits, health, lifestyles, and in conclusion, life. Suzanne spoke with us to discuss her own journey and how this lifestyle has helped her to live an extraordinary life in the past six years since her transformation. If you are interested in health, a more fulfilled life, or simply want to know more about a vegan and raw diet, then Suzanne Mile’s Fork It has the answers for you.

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Gwendolen Wilder: ‘It’s OK To Tell My Story’

Gwendolen Wilder is a business strategist and motivational constant, and is the author of  ‘It’s OK To Tell My Story’. This book begun as a journal as part of her personal healing process. Gwendolen had built a successful company, but a big $5m deal with the government market the “beginning of the end” of her relationship. Her partner was extremely jealous of her success, and this power struggle descended to Gwendolen becoming a victim of domestic violence. She got through this “hot ass mess” and now she’s telling her story to help others get through their own hot ass mess. She is currently working on her second boo, ‘Managing Domestic Violence in the Workplace’.

Head to her website,, for a free author masterclass and a massive discount on her Business Sales Mastery program.